Visit the painting in apartment Nordbahnstrasse
Visit the painting in apartment Nordbahnstrasse

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APARTMENT - 1020 Vienna, Flossgasse // 53 m2

RATE / MONTH: EUR 1.550,00 (incl. VAT)


APARTMENT - 1030 Vienna, Kollergasse // 51 m2 

RATE / MONTH: EUR 1.550,00


APARTMENT - 1200 Vienna, Nordbahnstrasse // 45 m2 

RATE / MONTH: EUR 1.475,00 (incl. VAT)


Rates valid for up to 2 persons - Valid as of July 2019. Subject to season and alteration of prices.


Location and size of the apartment in combination with the length of stay dictate the prices for renting property. All prices include electricity, heating, water and other operating costs.


The rental charge includes the bare room and furniture hire - extra services such as regular cleanings, the provision of food or cleaning of bedding are not available. 


In the case of a stay of more than two people rates will be agreed separately.  The minimum rental period is 31 days - the maximum rental period is 6 months -  minimum security deposit of EUR 250,00. If payment is done via Paypal, we have to pass through our charges by Paypal fully.